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The Conjure Shop

809 1/2 S 75th street Omaha NE 68114

Mama Izzy's Hoodoo

Rootwork, Oils, & Spellkits


Oils and Salts

All of the oils and salts are made with the highest quality herbs and essential oils on the market. Every one is handmade by Mama Izzy so you can be sure each has been given the personal attention necessary to work magically for you!

Money Oil

Need a little extra money in your life? Use this and watch the cash flow!

Come To Me Oil

Got your eye on someone special? Dab a little of this on and get ready for love!

Thru the Murk

This oil will allow you to see what is going on behind the scenes. Get to the bottom of any situation!

Court Case

This oil will help you with any legal matters or pending court case. Have the law on your side!

Healthy Body Healty Mind

Going through tough times and all seems hopeless? Use this beautiful smelling oil to get your mind and body back on track.

Crown of Glory

Success in all you attempt! Wear your crown of glory!

Hot Foot

Move that bothersome neighbor or person out of your life!

Stand Strong

Stand your ground and stop being a doormat! Let your voice be heard!

Psychic Protection

Stop those psychic vampires from draining your energy! Use on your third eye to protect yourself.

Protection Oil

Use so that you are protected no matter where you go.

Planetary oils

Use the power of the planets to enhance any spellwork.

Chakra Oils

This beautiful set will be a great addition to any work you are doing.

Money Bottle(fixed and alive!!!)

This money bottle has been put together by Mama Izzy to bring you money and prosperity. It is wax sealed and ready for your altar.

Love Bath Oil

Add a little of this to your bath for a night filled with love!

Archangels Oil Set

This set of oils will allow you to work with these Archangels whenever you need them. Set includes Uriel, Rapheal, Michael, and Gabriel. Comes with prayer.

Michael Archangel Oil

Use when working with Michael. Comes with prayer.

Rapheal Archangel Oil

Use when working with Rapheal. Comes with prayer.

Uriel Archangel Oil

Use when working with Uriel. Comes with prayer.

Gabriel Archangel Oil

Use when working with Gabriel. Comes with prayer.

Holy Oil

This is the strongest protection oil I have. Use this oil after cleansing.

F.O.A.D Oil

This is nasty stuff for when you have had enough! Please be careful with this one!!!

Van Van

This oil is great when we need a change in our luck. If you feel that things need a bit of a shift in your favor this oil would be great! Also used for Road Opening and helps with any dark forces that may be at work against you. Has a lovely citrus scent.

Evil Eye Oil

Is someone wishing bad things for you? Use this to keep away the evil eye!

Eclipse Oil

When the Lunar Eclipse occurs it forces things to be revealed! Use this oil anytime to get a person or situation to be seen!

Lucky Hand

Need a little luck with your money? This oil is great for gambling and games of chance. It can also be used to change your luck in a better direction!

Blessing Oil

This beautiful oil will be a blessing to have! It is so breathtaking to just sit and look at, that you will feel even more wonderful wearing it. It allows you to feel blessed and be open to receiving the blessing you so deserve!

Money Salt

Sprinkle this around a candle or put in a sachet to draw more money into your life.

Displacement Salt

Sprinkle this around a candle or put in a sachet to draw more money into your life.

Clearing Salt

This salt can be sprinkled throughout a space to clear out any old or negative energy

Lavender Salt

If you need some serenity, this will come in handy. Can be used in the bath.

White Light Salt

This salt will provide a positive, protective enviroment or state of mind.

Passion Salt

Red hot and firery! Bring back the passion in any area of your life.

Blood Salt

Banish or bind anyone or anything!

Love Salt

Bring that special someone into your life. Can be used in the bath.

Uncrossing Salt

Jinx removing and uncrossing.

Protection Salt

Use around your home for protecting yourself and your family!

Cut and Clear Oil

When you need to remove someone or something from your life, Cut and Clear!!!!


None of these products are for consumption.

We are currently adding products. Check back daily for more!

For wholesale information contact us at 402-208-3440